Developing coding skills

Software is eating the world

They say that “Software is eating the world“, that is something that I myself have witnessed, even in my particular case and coming from the networking world I’ve been able to see how the software is covering more and more aspects of our daily tasks, that’s why I can’t agree more with that statement.

That’s fine, but… where to start? Well, I think I’m lucky, programming and the programming languages have been always something I do like, but for different reasons I have never spent much time with them, always attracted but never going much further, I’ve been always just scratching the surface when it comes to software, until now!

The Cone of Learning

Talking about statments, I have to confess that I know another good one… Get shit done! and now that I’ve decided to go further with coding and having understood that nothing is best for a proper learning that actually putting your hands on and start to do things… Guess what? that’s exactly what I’m doing, I’m so exited and proud at the same time that this website has been built from scratch by myself, can you believe that?
How many of you have heard about The Cone of Learning? If you don’t know about this, do yourself a favor and look it up, you’ll always have Google to assist you on your research, meanwhile just take look at the following image, I’m absolutely sure that you’ll get the point.

Happy coding!

Cloud Computing – AWS & Amazon Connect

Hi there! Sharing this time a few pics and also some screenshots about AWS and Amazon Connect, the presentation was done at Availity’s brand new facilities by Patrick Hanna (Amazon Connect) and Rafael Moraes (AWS use case).

The Amazon Connect Agenda was the following:

  • Integrating Amazon Connect call flows with your CRM.
  • Leveraging Machine Data to derive insights from Amazon Connect derived data.
  • Make your Call Center agent’s lives easier by providing relevant information to them ahead of the call.

The slides used for the presentation can be viewed on slideshare using the link below:

The Modular Life

I’ve been participating in different meetups here in Jacksonville to do Public Relations and networking and at the same time to learn more about the vibrant IT market the city has.
The one which most captured my attention was Edge-Pod, “The Modular Life”, I didn’t know such products are being built and shipped to customers.
Remote places, disaster zones, are the ones we would expect as the main clients, but surprisingly the scope is way beyond that, here a few pictures of the presentation.

A visit to the Library

It is always a good idea to visit your local Public Library to grab a couple of books of your interest, we’re lucky to have a huge ( including a wide selection of great books), quiet and beautiful local library not so far from us, here a few pictures to show you what I’m talking about.

Marketing Campaign

And for those of you wondering if we do or do not… Yes! We are active and making good progress on our first “Marketing Campaign”, here a few pictures of what we’ve done so far.

Hello world!

Hi there! this is the first post for this brand new Blog, those of you who have studied any programming language will perfectly understand the phrase “Hello World”.