WordPress on LAMP

Building a website is now more easy than ever using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) as the base layer and WordPress, as the CMS (Content Management System), all the technical aspects are covered, the only thing you must bring is the content, pictures, videos, and data, easy-peasy, don’t you think? I’m pretty sure you have a lot of content to share with the world through your own website, these Blog post will clarify a few thing about where and how to start,

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

You probably know that nowadays hosting providers are offering VPS (Virtual Private Server) ready to start building your site, that’s the case for example with Digital Ocean, they have built a Marketplace where you can choose between a rich set of options.

Digital Ocean Marketplace

Digital Ocean unbeatable prices

And the best of all is the unbeatable prices, you can have your website on line from only $5/month using the minimal droplet configuration, and of course you can upgrade the droplet resources (vCPUs, Memory and Strage) as you need them.

Digital Ocean VPS plans starting at $5/month

Digital Ocean Referral Link

If you decide to go with Digital Ocean (our preferred VPS Service Provider) be sure to use our referral link to support the content creator of these articles.

LAMP step by step guide

I know that even though service providers are making things easy, it is still intimidating to start using tools like Apache web server, Maria database and PHP, even WordPress and its multiple themes may represent a huge challenge for you, and that’s why we’ve created an Step by Step guide, the following links belongs to that guide.

Linux Ubuntu users

Do you prefer a Debian based distro, let’s say Ubuntu? if so, then stay tune we’re working on the next step by step guide.